I Was Here

Tonight we had dinner with the lovely (and slightly less bitter than usual) Bitter Kat and got to meet the SB (no, there isn’t an “o” in there, quit it). He is equally deserving of the “lovely” moniker, though we wound up trying to decide if he was “perky” or “quirky.” We chose the latter (much to his approval).

After dinner, we scurried over to the theatre (not “theater,” this is a classy joint) to see the SB in his one-man play at the Orlando Theatre Project, called Underneath the Lintel by Glen Berger.

What a wonderful show!

The story is of an eccentric Dutch librarian who recounts his growing obsession with a library book that gets returned more than a hundred years past due. His attempts to track down the culprit lead him all around the world and into his own heart. This is one of those great pieces that manages to be hilariously funny and deeply touching at the same time. And the SB’s performance was fantastic.

If at all possible, we’ll be going back and taking the kids with us.

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