I’m with Tonto

Here’s a little ditty by Lyle Lovett that a certain Busy Mom kept bugging me to do. And considering she’s the only one that actually came up with a specific song for me to record, lo those many months ago when I asked for suggestions, I finally gave in and did it.

It’s not really like the original. Or the Jimmy Buffett version. But Busy Mom likes it. And Mrs. Rasreth likes it. And Whiny likes it. So, the rest of you can…buy a boat.

If I Had A Boat.mp3

(always right click and save, dudes and dudettes)

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4 Responses to I’m with Tonto

  1. Busy Mom says:

    Thank you! Yay, I am so powerful!

  2. jadedju says:

    JadedJu likes it too, and is sitting over here humming.

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I call Bullshit!

    I most certainly did make specific song suggestions to you. So where is “Sway” or at least “Dead Flowers”, huh?

    (pout pout pout)


    I do like this one, though. Quite a bit. So I’m glad you took Busy Mom’s suggestion. Good stuff, chum.

  4. Solonor says:

    Oops. Um, I forgetted about that. Sawwy.

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