It’s all my fault. Sorry.

Not to make light of the situation (‘cuz you know I’d never do that), but I am now taking bribes to prevent hurricanes from coming your way.

I was scheduled to go to a convention in New Orleans in October. Katrina took care of that little detail (although it was rescheduled for Las Vegas in November, so watch out Nevada!!).

Now, I’m supposed to go to Oklahoma City on Monday… via Houston. So, even if Rita hasn’t blown Houston off the map, preventing said trip, she should be parked over Oklahoma by then. Yeesh.

Stay safe folks!

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One Response to It’s all my fault. Sorry.

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Sorry, that ain’t gonna fly with me.

    You could bring your butt home where it belongs, you ain’t bringin’ no silly hurrycane up heah, deah….

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