It’s nothing, really… hardly noticeable…

Are people truly happy to see you? Or are they just being paid by your kindly Auntie Dot to grin and ignore “that thing” on your face?

Test your smile recognition skills at BBCi – Spot the Fake Smile.

You can fool some of the people with your fake smile, but I got you pegged 70% of the time, baby. (And that’s pre-coffee!)

[ via nefarious ]

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2 Responses to It’s nothing, really… hardly noticeable…

  1. mel says:

    I only missed 3! Not too bad. There’s a lot of useful information there.

  2. jadedju says:

    I missed six, but I’m proud to say that every error was one where I thought they were fake, and it turned out they were true. I’ll never be tricked by friendliness. Ha!

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