It’s playoff time!

After 14 years of living next door to the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays and not giving a damned about them, I’m not about to start now. I think it’s really neat that someone other than Boston, New York, Chicago and LA made it to the playoffs, but I’ll take of my imaginary (I don’t wear hats) Red Sox cap when they pry it off my cold, dead head.

Go Sox!

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  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I have enjoyed watching the Rays these last couple of years. I really like their manager, Joe Maddon, he’s a good one. I maintained last year that the Rays were gonna be good if they got more pitching than Scott Kazmir (certified Red Sox killer). Turns out they have.

    I have maintained that if the Sox can’t/won’t win, I’m rooting for the Rays.

    Still…. Go Sox! (the Red Sox, mind you, not those pale-hosed South-siders)

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