It’s the machine that goes PING!

Yet another cool toy for the blog.

I took Joe Jenett’s idea for PingLinks and wrote my own script to add them to my blog. So, now if you’ve written something that pertains to a particular post I’ve made, you can just put the url for your post into the little box at the end of my post and press PING! Your link should show up in the PingLinks section for all eternity.

I still gotta work on the mechanics a bit. I don’t like how you have to back up and hit refresh, but at least it works.

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2 Responses to It’s the machine that goes PING!

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I honestly can say that I looked for “the machine that goes ping” when Mrs. Schmuck was in the operating room, waiting for her c-section with our first son. And believe it or not, so was she!

    Sadly, the attendants nearby didn’t understand the joke.

    We did, though. Helped her relax, if only a little bit.

  2. Busy Mom says:

    I love it when you talk geek.

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