January Referrer Madness

Continuing the tradition from December Referrer Madness, here’s this month’s list of the Top 20 Sites From Which Nice People Came To Look At The Monkey In The Window.

There were 14171 unique visitors to this little corner of the Internet last month – up from 7955 in December and including all the ones that just took a peek via Google or some other search engine and the ones that came to see Whiny or Pepperkat or the other parts of solonor.com and maybe never even knew there was a blog here! These are the 20 blogs that they came from most often due to a link on their site. I thank these people (and all visitors) profusely.

1. Too Much to Dream – Also known as “Hobbiton on the Web,” this site is kinda like the killer rabbit of the blogosphere. You go there to see the fluffy bunny LOTR talk, never suspecting that she’s got nasty, sharp, pointy teeth.
2. Inside Gretchen’s Head – Somehow, she’s morphed from “Gretchen the Agent” to “Dark Mistress of the Blogosphere.” She’s one scary bookworm, let me tell ya.
3. Ain’t Too Proud to Blog – Home of thehe newly-tiara’d Princess of the Blogiverse.
4. Random Ravings – The home of Brian Peace. That is such a cool name. “We come in Peace. Brian Peace.”
5. Gnome-Girl – The favoritest person named Cheyenne that I know. (Don’t ask how many other Cheyenne’s I know.)
6. The Gamer’s Nook – The newly-crowned Baron of the Blogosphere!
7. Dandelion Wine – I stopped paying her college bills, so she’s dropped from Number 2 to Number 7. Young lady…
8. Amish Tech Support – It is a measure of the power of this blog that I only got on his blogroll last week, yet it is the Number 8 referrer. Fear the power of the Amish Hordes!
9. C:\PIRILLO.EXE – Even though it’s listed in my referrer logs as a direct link, this one’s probably not fair. I don’t think I have a blogroll link on Mr. Gretchen’s site. The wave of little gnomies checking out the big goof that won his blog-madlib (blib) game probably put this here. Not that I mind! We half-elves have always welcomed gnomes to our land. Just don’t mess up the carpet.
10. Billegible – By day, mild-mannered (shaa-right) cat fancier and aerobics instructor. By night, Egg-Noodle Girl!
11. Blissfully Bitter – One of my two favorite Kat’s. This is the one that’s got you all slobbering over the thought of the Nude Bloggies. Um, when I say “you” I mean “me” but let’s move on, shall we?
12. Pizza Dreams – If I ever need someone to beat upon, Statia’s always there to take the hit. She’s like my own, inflatable Bozo the Clown punching bag… except that she hits back.
13. Techfluid – Chari’s back! Last month’s move traumatized us, as we could not get our daily dose of Orlando’s second snarkiest blogger.
14. Thymewise – The Baroness of the Blogosphere continues to cook up creative crumbs for cretins (like me) to consume.
15. Flablog – When I want to know what’s really going on in my adopted state, this is where I turn.
16. Shattered Buddha – When I want to know who died before Laurence does, this is where I turn.
17. Anarchtica – I received several Golden Finger Awards from the distinguished readers of this fine publication. I shall always endeavor to be worthy of them.
18. Blogwhore 2 – Yes, this month saw my glorious two or three days as a blogwhore. Easy come. Easy go.
19. Blogging in a New York Minute… – I ran into Lambchop at the aforementioned Anarchtica. Ever since, she’s been going around telling people that I’m funny. Excellent. The web-delivered psychotropic drug experiment is working…
20. Feral Living – I love the latest bug line: “As sono as Gamma learns to spele ‘Feh’, Mig’s out of biusniess.” Were truer words ever spoken?

Finally, I must add that, even though I don’t get a lot of hits from her blogroll, a high percentage of my traffic comes from A Small Victory. Without Michele’s hypercurious fans clicking on my idiotic comments in her blog, my traffic would be cut by a couple hundred hits. Thank you, oh, Queen of Mount BiteMe.

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14 Responses to January Referrer Madness

  1. Jason D- says:

    Yeah fine. Bugger off. Some of us don’t get enough traffic as it is and you expect us to share? pffft

  2. Bill says:

    I could cure cancer and all I’ll ever be known as is “Egg Noodle Girl”. Or “that chick in the pleather pictures.” Sigh…

  3. Solonor says:

    Jason, if you wouldn’t keep changing your domain more often than you change your socks…

  4. Let’s get this party started

    I’m #17 debuting on the list of people kissing Solonor’s ass….YES!!!!

  5. Scott says:

    Ooh, I’m up four places from last month.

  6. Solonor says:

    I feel like Casey Kasem!

  7. What is in a name?

    Solonor has not only named me “The Busby Berkeley of the Internet!” due to this post, he has also shown

  8. Brian Peace says:

    I’m up four as well. w00t! And you can dance to me, too.

    I must admit though, I haven’t heard that joke since…well…high school. Heh, heh. I feel obligated to give you the same answer that I gave back then.

    “Yes, it’s a cool name, but nobody is coming in Peace. Thankyouverymuch.”

    Your, um, mind needs to kinda be in the gutter a bit, folks.

  9. Solonor says:

    A. If you want humor beyond high school grade, you’re in the wrong place.
    B. I never thought of that until you mentioned it. NYAH!

  10. Brian Peace says:

    A) I never said that I expected anything different. (Quite the contrary, actually. ::evil grin ::) Just an observation. It actually made me nostalgic. People are usually too afraid to poke fun these days.
    B) Yeeeaaahhhh…Right…Sure…Whatever…

  11. theresa says:

    It’s all becuase I had to pick up a second job to keep up with the bills *someone* isn’t paying.. *ahem*…

  12. dragonleg says:

    It’s always an honor to be mentioned in your fine blog.
    I thank you kindly.

  13. michele says:

    My pleasure. Keep the idiotic comments coming 🙂

  14. Why, thank you for the compliment! :}

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