Psst. Hey, buddy. Wanna buy an “O”? (Ten points to those who remember that.)

Anyway, if I did have any letters or other grammatical concepts for sale, I’d probably try out the new Jittery site. They’re a new e-commerce site that looks to take on eBay and the other auction sites by doing more to get out of the way of the buyer and seller.

A cool little feature will let you put a “BlogPoint” in your sidebar that constantly shows what you’ve got up for auction and allows direct interaction between you and your buyers. You can check it in action at Sporty’s place.

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3 Responses to Jittery

  1. Brian says:

    Psst. Hey, buddy. Wanna buy an “O”?

    It’ll cost ya just a nickel….

    A NICKEL?!?!?


    ::a nickel??::


    (ten points please)

  2. sporty says:

    That’s one of my all time favorite skits.

  3. We’re always looking to boost the buying & selling of language concepts. It’s a very untapped market, I think we can corner it.

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