Just a couple of quick errands…

I took today off to “run a couple of quick errands” for Pepperkat before she heads off to Europe on Saturday. But sometimes fate and my positive attitude don’t see eye-to-eye…

Piece of cake. All I have to do is dash into the DMV to get her a photo ID. I’ll just add getting an oil change for the car to the list.
Of course, I was late getting started to get the tune-up at Saturn, so we didn’t head off for the DMV until 11:30…
Piece of cake. The office is just up the road in Casselberry. We’ll even be there before noon, in case they plan on closing early for the holiday.
Of course, I couldn’t remember exactly where the office was…
Piece of cake. I know it’s in one of these strip malls on 436.
Of course, it’s in a strip mall that’s been hidden behind new construction since I was there last…um, 8 years ago…
Piece of cake. I found it. I only had to make 5 u-turns. And it’s only 12:15!
Of course, that wasn’t the right place. I was thinking of the place you get your car registration done. I needed to go to the place where you get your license.
Piece of cake. It’s just up the road. Man, I’m getting hungry, though.
Of course, once we got there, we were greeting by a massive, sweaty wall of humanity packed into a room the size of a cracker box and with an attitude to match.
Piece of cake. Those poor saps are here to take driving tests and such. We just have to get a picture taken and a card laminated.
Of course, I needed to have her birth certificate AND social security card.
Piece of cake. I have them right… oh, um, well… I have the birth certificate…
Of course, I… oh, you know already.
Piece of cake. They said the wait was so long that we’d have plenty of time to go home and get it. Look! We’ve got number 79!
Of course, they were on number 31.
Piece of cake. Speaking of cake. I’m starving. Let’s eat.
Of course, we couldn’t agree on anything (as usual). But eventually settled on Barnhill’s – not exactly light fare.
Piece of cake. It’s a salad bar, for crying out loud. I’ll just have salad.
Of course, there wasn’t a single parking spot. And the usual standby lot at the bank next door had a clear “Not for Restaurant Parking. Go Away!” sign.
Piece of cake. Um, we’ll just go to Arby’s.
Of course, after we ate, we decided to go to Costco to pick up the pictures from her Girl Scout trip to Pennsylvania.
Piece of cake?
Of course, I forgot my Costco card.
Crap! Uh, I mean. Piece of cake. They’ll give me a temporary one.
Of course, the lines at Costco were exactly as you’d expect them to be on the day before a major holiday.
Piece of cake. Literally. They’ve got samples! Yay!
Of course, by now, it was almost 3:00, and we thought we’d better get back to the DMV. We arrived and went in to see how much longer it would be.
Piece of cake. It’s been over two hours. They must be up into the 50’s or 60’s by now, at least.
Of course, they were on number 36.
Piece of… what the HELL??? Five people in two hours!!
Of course, as we decided whether or not to wait, someone told us that things pick up at 3pm. They would go very fast after that.
Piece of cake. We’ll wait a few minutes and see what happens. We’ll just stand outside here in the fresh air, away from the crowded lobby.
Of course, it started to rain.
Piece of cake. What’s a little rain?
Of course, it started coming down in buckets. With lightning. And thunder. And car alarms.
Piece of cake. We’ll just go inside. Um…anyone got a crowbar?
Of course, they made an announcement that due to the computer situation, it would be unlikely that anyone with a number higher than 50 would be served today.
Piece of cake. We’ll just see if we can stand in this “Express Lane” that I just found.
Of course, if I hadn’t forgotten that my lovely, thoughtful wife had told me that the social security card was in the glove compartment and that I never needed to take a number or leave in the first place, we could have been in that lane all along.
Piece of cake. At least we can make it there now. And it’s only 3:30. Idiot.
Of course, the term “express” is relative. Yes, we had fun doing stupid movie reviews and laughing at nothing while standing in line. Yes, we freaked out when the power went out. Yes, it came back on. Yes, we got strange looks when they called a group of numbers at once and the “Now Serving” sign landed on “42” and we giggled hysterically. Yes, we made it to the end. Yes, we finally got the ID. But by then it was 5:00!!
Piece of cake. At least we have something to blog about!
Shut up.

Giving Zempt a try. So far, it’s not that much different than w.Bloggar. I’ll give them both a side-by-side review later. Piece of cake.

[Grooving to: The Other Side by Clannad ]
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6 Responses to Just a couple of quick errands…

  1. theresa says:

    For some reason, I just got a really strong craving for a piece of cake. Chocolate please.

  2. Scott says:

    Heh, I hate DMVs, no matter what state I’m in.

    I prefer Clannad up through the Robin of Sherwood soundtrack. Then they got too… poppy/electric for me.

  3. natalie says:

    Oooh – isn’t that just like a man! The one HUGE, pivotal piece of info – that your wife had told you the card was in the glove box – is neatly slipped in the rest of the mess.

    All together now: Next time, LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE!

    And tell her to give you a slap ’round the head for me, would ya? Thanks. :^)

  4. new toys

    This is my first entry posted using Zempt. Lots of folks have been talking about it, which motivated me to give it a try. I don’t really mind the Moveable Type interface, in fact it quite suits me because I…

  5. Sunidesus says:


    I get weird looks when I giggle about that number too. But it is the answer after all.

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