Lo! What baseball through yonder window breaks?

Just returned from a wonderful afternoon of theater thanks to the lovely Bitter Kat. She offered us 2 free tickets to see Henry Rathvon’s “Trapezium” at the Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival, and we snapped them up so fast her fingers will be burning for a week. It’s not often that we are allowed out in polite society. So, the odds that we would skip the chance to spend time watching a play (for free!) were so infinitely small as to be incalculable.

To top that off, we hung around and watched another Rathvon play (“Quincunx”) in its workshop form and even stayed for the Q&A session afterward (my suggestion: keep the Abbot & Costello routine).

And to top that off, we followed Kat and her entourage to the Fiddler’s Green and tried to blend in with the crowd. We scored drinks and dinner before they figured out that we weren’t really members of the acting troupe and drove us off with a haughty heave-ho.

No, seriously, we met Mr. Rathvon and his partner, Emily Cox, along with several of the actors, and had a lovely dinner. Rathvon and Cox write cryptic crosswords for their normal living, and he has just begun to write plays. “Trapezium” is his first, and it is a riot. I won’t give up the details, but it is a farce loosely based on the love triangle of Tristan and Iseult, told from different points of view, sort of like Rashomon (but funnier). Best of all, he’s a Red Sox fan!

There’s a really good article on Trapezium at SouthFlorida.com.

Thank you, again, for inviting us Katharine.

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