Look! Another awards show!

The best thing about Best of Blog (BoB) Awards 2004 is its name. They named them after the “spammer who clutters our blogs with advertisements for Viagra and Texas Hold-Em.” I love that.

The worst thing is how sad it must be to have been ignored since asking for nominations last December! (Hey, I’m going for the snarkiest blog award.)

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6 Responses to Look! Another awards show!

  1. Heh. That’s an artifact of how I had to structure the posts to prevent the nominations entries from showing up above anything on the front page. I was hoping no one would notice. 😉

  2. bran says:

    is there a category for “best raving maniac music gaming junking depressive misfit p-sycho p-sideshow group blogger who frequently foams at the mouth?”

    i never stand a chance with these things. (blog awards, that is.) being the ‘Gloria Grahame of blogging’ oh yeah, me and Gloria Grahame are like, totally twins, except i’m not at all pretty and am definitely on the porky side and have not starred in any films (of note) and also lack the …charisma… but yeah, we’re totally twinners.

    good luck on your campaign to win snarkiest blogger, you’ll totally rock it. totally.

  3. Solonor says:

    Well, it’s either that or “Best Sex Blog”, but I think we’re too avant garde in our posts on that topic for mainstream bloggy award voter types.

  4. Brian says:

    My blog is up for “Best Blog Named BrianKaneOnline”, but I hear I have stiff competition.

  5. Solonor says:

    See? I told you it should have been called “Brian’s Britney Spears Fan Page”. A blog’s title should always reflect its main content.

  6. bran says:

    whoa! i just realized you put our little heads on your sidebar! roxor!

    (i give it a week before you get sick of us, watching your every move…heh. heh. heheh.)

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