Look, Ma, No Blogger!

Well, I took the plunge and moved the blog to Movable Type. Of course, instead of using the templates that come with the thing, I just had to make it look exactly like the old blog….and promptly messed everything up! I deleted the MT templates, screwed up the database, all kinds of badness.

But, after several hours of percusive maintenance to my head, I got it.

The biggest changes are all behind the scenes. MT gives you all kinds of control over what things look like, when you’ll post, where you’ll post, how many different blogs you’ll post to…ad infinitum. However, now you can leave comments on my rants (I’m scared now). Don’t bother with TrackBack, though…still working on that. **Update: forget about TrackBack for now.**

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3 Responses to Look, Ma, No Blogger!

  1. Solonor says:


  2. zmama says:

    WTG! It is a lot of work to set up MT, but well worth it. You did a great job. Let me know when you figure out that TrackBack bit… I still don’t get it 😉


  3. solonor says:

    Thanks! I’m not sure I get the TB thing, either. For right now, it’s not worth the brain strain.

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