Look Out World! Here She Comes!

If you thought there was nothing left that America could do to alienate the international community, listen to this: Pepperkat has been accepted as a People-to-People Student Ambassador! Yes, my daughter has been selected to represent the United States on a trip that goes from New York to London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Naples, Athens and other stops along the way. Check out the itinerary.

She’s going to have to do a lot of fundraising to be able to go. And, of course, she’s determined to continue helping her Girl Scout troop raise money for the Washington, DC, trip they are going on next summer that she will miss. And, of course, she’s helping her middle school chorus raise money… And, of course, she is still volunteering once a month at Give Kids the World… She’s gonna be one tired puppy.

I am so jealous.

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  1. Ric the Schm_u_c_k says:

    Wow. Wow. That is so awesome. She will have the time of her life. Super and duper.

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