Looking for a few good hobbits

For those of you joining our show already in progress, there is a website attached to this one where a bunch of dorks play computer baseball. Oh, but not content to just play computer baseball, these dorks decided to name all of their teams and players in the fashion of Tolkien’s Middle Earth (or, as it turns out, any fantasy realm really).

And what good would a league full of fantasy baseball players be if it didn’t have a bunch of subplots running in the background? Things like a a murder mystery with a hard-boiled detective on the case and alien bodies dredged from the Dead Marshes and fan riots?

Of course, they have to have a place to sit around and hurl insults at one another on a regular basis, too.

(What’s scary about this is that it is a global enterprise. There are dorks from Australia to Canada to the UK to the Netherlands involved in this thing, not to mention Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, New York and Washington.)

We, um, I mean they are currently at the end of the 2007 season. To further showcase their dorkitude, they named the playoff rounds the Fellowship Series (divisional series), Two Towers Series (conference finals), and Return of the King Series (league championship). The Mirkwood Marauders are playing the Grey Havens Stars.

If you’re a dork like us, I mean them, there are a couple of spots open for the upcoming season. Check out Solonor’s Groovy Computer Baseball League* and drop me an e-mail.

*The name is pure coincidence. I have nothing to do with dorkitude.

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4 Responses to Looking for a few good hobbits

  1. Victory Soap says:

    Murder in the Shire

    “OLD FOREST – It was Tuesday. It’s always Tuesday. I was sitting in my office throwing back a hard one when the phone rang. I said hello, and after introductions I recognized the other person’s name immediately. A celebrity, you…

  2. bran says:

    heh, yeah. what dorks. *snort*

  3. xade says:

    See, what I’ve heard is that the Aussie dorks are the cutest…

    But don’t shoot the messanger on that one…

  4. bran says:

    “…I’ve heard is that the Aussie dorks are the cutest…”

    well, one of them anyway.
    hint: she’s not you.

    (muwahahahaha…ok, i’m just kidding xadey. you’re cute. i guess.)

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