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For those of you sitting around in your jammies this Saturday morning, here’s a nice long post to read while you sip coffee. And to everyone who has a life: We hateses you!

I’m heading to the Boston area next week, and while I used to tell everyone that I wouldn’t be blogging and “see ya when I get back”, I’m going to be fully computerized and plugged-in. So, blogging will proceed, per usual (not that I’ve been all that regular about it lately). Not only that, but I will be visiting the Big Red House and getting a trendy chef to cook me a yummy meal. Plus, I’ll get to meet the Cynical Ju!

Sgt. Grump found a cool music toy that offers just the right combination of geeky and relaxing: Medieval Music Mixer

Here’s something to make you spit coffee on your monitor: According to the Washington Post, most Americans support the NSA recording their phone calls. Yep. 66 percent of ‘murricans don’t care if their government spies on them. (Of course, only “a total of 502 randomly selected adults were interviewed Thursday night for this survey. Margin of sampling error is five percentage points for the overall results. The practical difficulties of doing a survey in a single night represents another potential source of error.” But still…)

Well, I didn’t get a ton of responses to the character actor post, so how about another one? Over at Slashdot, they’re coming up with a list of their favorite film scientists. I’m gonna have to go with:

Dr. Strangelove: “Mein F

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8 Responses to Lots O’ Stuff

  1. there is some debate betwixt The Evil One (my spouse) and i this morning over whether Wallace (of Wallace y Gromit fame) should be on the list of film scientists. i say YES, because he invents such nifty things — Pete (He of the Fiery Horns) says nay — that Wallace is an engineer, not a scientist. i argue that engineering falls under the hood of science, but he differentiates, because engineering is the “application of science.” what a dumb debate! this is how we spend our mornings.

  2. Solonor says:

    Ooh, good point. For example, do mathemeticians qualify?

  3. Ric the Schmuck says:

    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein

    Dr. Zachary Smith

    Spock, Mister

    another vote for Honeydew & Beaker

    Have a spledid time in Bahston. Go take a tour of Fenway if you can scope out an hour or two. It is well worth it. Likewise, Duck Tours is awesome, as well, but you need at least two hours for that one, but they may run that into the evening.

    I highly recommend both tours… knowing you as I do, you will definetely appreciate them both. 🙂

  4. Linkmeister says:

    and today’s poll says 53% of Americans, having thought it over, say they don’t like the wiretapping a’tall, a’tall.

  5. shelley ju says:

    I’m concerned that they had to think so much about it first. Or was it the first poll itself that was flawed? ‘Cause I didn’t like it even the first time I wasn’t asked.

  6. Mikey says:

    Have fun in Boston. Don’t get the vapors too bad from the beans!!

  7. -=e=- says:

    I gotta check out that eHow link. I’m pretty damn clueless in just about everything. Thanks dude!

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