Making Lessig’s Point

E. Gary Gygax! I didn’t have to wait long for the next example of what Lessig is talking about. Apparently, the owners of the Godzilla copyright have delivered a “cease and desist” order to Davezilla–not because he improperly used the character of the 40-foot Tokyo-bashing reptile, but for having the audacity to use “Zilla” as part of his pen name!

[ Note to self: Stop using Mr. Gygax’s name as a mock expletive, before he sues your ass. ]

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3 Responses to Making Lessig’s Point

  1. theresa says:

    i read about that on slashdot yesterday! crazy! i tried to visit dave’s site yesterday, but it was slashdotted. the extent some companies will do to…

  2. ric the schmuck says:

    (not about Davezilla, but about E.Gary Gygax!)

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