Men in Black

Took in the afternoon showing of MIB2, yesterday. Pretty decent…nothing too exciting. I think it would have been better, if I hadn’t seen the best lines in the previews (same old story). Also, as others have said, it just doesn’t surprise like the first one did. You expect to see everything you see (at least I did).

The trailers were pretty uninspiring for the rest of the summer…”Save us Austin Powers! You’re our only hope!” Although, ya can’t beat seeing the Two Towers trailer in all its glory, and the Terminator 3 tease generated a small buzz.

The most intriguing trailer, though, was for Star Trek Nemesis. Talk about men in black…it looks like the whole movie is dressed in black–crew, villains, Romulans, the whole lot. The trailer makes it look like they are really trying to jazz up the franchise. The villains look mean, and the special effects are more Star Wars than Star Trek. I’ve watched ’em all, good and bad, since 1979, so I won’t stop now. Here’s hoping it sticks with the “odd ones are bad, even ones are good” trend (it is number 10, after all).

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