Mensa Veterans for Truth

As much as you’d like to believe it, this chart that shows the average state IQ and whether they voted for Bush or Kerry is a hoax. It is just an updated version of the same chart from 2000 with Kerry’s name replacing Gore’s. Sorry to break it to you, but smart people voted for Bush, too. Damn his hypnotic smile!

Update: Ah, I see Deb was already on the case.

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One Response to Mensa Veterans for Truth

  1. Karan says:

    So….this mensa veterans thing…is it a group of former solidiers who are in mensa or a group of old timers in mensa or a group of veterans who are no longer in mensa or something else? Frankly, I’d prefer to see what mensa drop outs have to say…and that might be a group of drop outs who are in mensa or a group who dropped out of mensa…or something completely different.

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