Merry Christmas!!

Well, I wracked my brain all day for the perfect Christmas entry. I wanted to write something fresh and new, something that would blow your bloggy socks off. But everything I came up with boiled down to the same old thing: thanks for being my friends.

In a sign that I’m too wrapped up in this thing, I left for our Christmas Eve service actually fretting about a blog entry!

When I got to church, I discovered that the title of the Christmas message was “The Same Old Thing.” The pastor said that he was wrapped up in trying to make this the Best. Christmas. Ever. He wanted to come up with some whiz-bang new message that would blow our churchy socks off.

But that’s not what we come to hear on Christmas Eve. We come to sing the same old songs and tell the same old story. It is the perfect story, told for the umpteenth time. And why mess with it?

And, so, I’m not going to bother trying to blow your bloggy socks off. I’ll simply and humbly tell you that I have the bestest friends in the world. I hope that you get everything your hearts desire this year and for the rest of your lives. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I love you all. If I missed any of you in the following, feel free to kill me and take my stuff.

My family: Venita, Paul, Emily, Jeff, Debbie, Autumn, Robbie, Randy, Lisa, Scott, Miranda, Brooke, Jenna, Cullen, Colby, Janet, Ed, Kristyn, Eddie, Josh, Linda, Peter, Jenny, Mandy and all their assorted children!!!

My partners in crime: Andy, Barclay and Deb (and we miss you Annette!)

My old bandmates and their families: Bruce, Jim, Walter and Dean

My long-lost evil twin sister and her family: Bran, Satan and Roo

My bestest friend (even when she’s being a bastardo) and her family: Natalie, Andy, Sam, Zoe and Nic

My adopted bloggy daughter and her boys: Kat, Mark and Sebastian

My GURPS buddies: Arthur, Kurt and Danielle

My SGCBL buddies: Scott, Kurt, Kapstar, Kevin, Al, Jo, Xade, Jane, Brian, Peat, Jeff, Lizette, KBL and Jools

My BKO buddies: Brian, Karan, Babs, Bea, Mig, Tony, Richard, Jo, Steph, Eliz, Martie, Sue

My Metblogs buddies: Maria, FryGuy, Zee, Masked Blogger, Klutzygirl, Chari, Bitter Kat, Annmarie, David, Vanessa and Dawn

My bestest bloggy friends: Michele, Elizabeth, Bill, Geekman, Sherri, Jilly, MJ, Sibeal, Linkmester, Suzie, Statia, Mac, Gretchen, Lisa, Jenni, Geeky, Somewhat, Tracy, Les, Kim, Eric, Jason, Robyn, Jules

My favorite bloggy connections: Cheyenne, Skits, Mordant, Pippa, Sunidesus, Dana, Yvonne, PromoGuy, Susan, Melissa, Becky, JR, Mark Lane, Lesley, Cyn, Batty, Acerbia, Buzz, Empress, Jenn, Nef, Shelli, jozjozjoz, Hey Lisa!, Highly Moody Mel, Faith, Etherian, Gigglechick Erin, Miz Shoes, ***Dave, DebWire, jcwinnie, Geekgrrl Melissa, Dirty Hippie, Big Dump Truck, Big Pink Cookie (Spork!), Blurf, bmg, KB, Mad Kane, Mikerzz, Mister Blue, mtpolitics, Critter’s Mom, Natalieville, Loretta, Kathy, Northstar, Kem White, ZMama, Jewdez, Swirlspice, Technodaddy, Laurence, John, TJ, Tim, Don, Tom McMahon, Groovy Mom, Dooce, Sugarfused, the Boys, Judi, Shelley, Rockstar Mommy, Kevin Donahue, CynicalJu, Deb, Rhonda

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22 Responses to Merry Christmas!!

  1. michele says:

    Merry Christmas, ya big lug.

  2. Buzz says:

    You’re such a big softy! Merry Christmas, my friend!!

  3. Sheesh, what kind of asshole post was this?!?

    Just kidding. There I go again, being a bastardo!

    Happy Jesus Birthday, kiddo.

  4. geeky says:

    awww that was sweet 🙂

    merry christmas and happy new year to your and your family!

  5. Sibeal says:

    Merry Christmas, Old Man!

  6. Les says:

    Here’s hoping your Yuletide is even better than you hoped for! Looking forward to your loot report sometime today! Merry Christmas my good friend.

  7. Melissa says:

    Here I was… All looking forward to looting and murder, and you actually remembered my name.


    Merry Christmas. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holday. 🙂

  8. Brian says:

    I don’t care what they say about you, Solly, you’re a good chap.

    Have a good holiday, my friend.

  9. sporty says:

    Merry Christmas, you big pain in the ass.

  10. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Merry Christmas, Solly & familia

  11. John says:

    Merry Christmas! And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  12. Tracy says:

    Merry Christmas, sweetie.

  13. Linkmeister says:

    Mele Kalikimaka, Commish!

  14. Steph says:

    Quite a list! Merry Christmas to you!

  15. bran says:

    “Here I was… All looking forward to looting and murder, and you actually remembered my name.”

    yeah, me too. oh well. thank’ee and the same to you. 🙂

  16. y says:

    Is a bloggy connection anything like a rainbow connection? Because if it is? I’m so touched.

    You? Are my mechanical ape. (sorry, even though I try, I can’t let go.)

    I hope you had a wonderful christmas!

  17. shelli says:

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you too!

  18. deb says:

    Happy Christmas, Solonor, and a Merry New Year, too ;~)

  19. KB says:

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas. All the best for 2005! Thanks for the linky love!

  20. Lisa says:

    Happy Christmas late! 🙂

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