Mid-Year Referrer Madness

Anyone who’s read this space for more than six months, knows that last year I did a little thing called Referrer Madness every month. Each list had some snarky comment about the blogs that were foolish kind enough to send traffic over this way. Well, six months have passed in good ole 2004 (Gack! Where did the time go?). So, I thought I’d give you the mid-year version of the The Top Sites From Which Nice People Came To Look At The Monkey In The Window.

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7 Responses to Mid-Year Referrer Madness

  1. Scott says:

    And I don’t even use links often these days; I’m on bloglines to read your site.


  2. Chari says:

    I made the list! And now I’ve moved…

  3. Jenni says:

    Dude, I made the list! Whoo hoo!

  4. theresa says:

    if you are officially the answer, does that mean the answer is now officially Solonor instead of 42? this is making my head hurt.

  5. Hey Lisa says:

    Woohoo! So, how does it feel to be The Answer?

  6. xade says:

    The whole reason I started blogging was to make that damned list…

    Now I can finally exhale…

  7. Les says:

    Man, all this time of scratching and clawing my way to the top three and I’m STILL stock behind Scott! Looks like those bribes I was paying out weren’t as effective as I was promised!

    Still, not bad considering I haven’t had a blogroll in place for awhile now.

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