Miss(undterstood) World

Asked if the organisers bore any responsibility for the violence, (Julia Morley) replied: “I think everyone does if they are holding something on a worldwide scale. But if you are asking me, ‘Did we do it?’ the answer is no, we didn’t. It isn’t the fault of the girls or any of us.” – New Zealand Herald

Nah. Couldn’t be your fault. You only took an international beauty contest to a country that treats women like Safiya Husaini (sentenced to be stoned to death for allowing herself to be raped…oops, sorry, having an out-of-wedlock experience) and expected nothing bad to happen!

But, of course, as Nigerian Information Minister, Jerry Gana, said: “I salute the courage of the contestants. They came all the way here despite the conspiracy of the international press.”

*sniff* Those poor, brave girls. The horror of being locked in your posh hotel room while people kill each other over whether or not Muhammad would have picked three or four of you out of a lineup to add to his harem.

I’ve been very, very tolerant of Islamic claims that the anti-Western rhetoric of its radical fringe was nothing more than the ravings of madmen. But where is the outrage over this? This!! A stupid comment in a frickin’ newspaper!

Statia, you better quit it with those action figure Jesus pics, or there’ll be a riot goin’ on.

[ Inspired by A Small Victory ]

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