Mmm… Cheesecake…

Birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Oh yeah.


  • Sitting next to a quartet of giggly girls young women, listening to their tales of love-life woe, when one of them says, “Like, it’s so inexplicable I can’t even explain it.”
  • Finding out that the same girls are celebrating a birthday and having the waitstaff sing an annoying happy birthday song.
  • Having the wife threaten me with a knife for suggesting that I tell said waitstaff that it’s her birthday, too.
  • Getting the worst coffee ever made since some guy in Peru drank a cup of water from a pot into which someone accidentally dropped a handful of strange beans and spent the next two days running around with his loincloth on his head yelling (in Inca, of course), “I am the Great Cornholio! I need teepee for my bunghole!”
  • Making a joke about screaming in terror if the waiter asks, “Do you want more coffee?”
  • Cleaning the spewed coffee off the my glasses when said waiter indeed asks that very thing.

And, of course, cheeeeeeeeeesecake….

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5 Responses to Mmm… Cheesecake…

  1. Hey Lisa says:

    That sounds like a great evening. 🙂 I hope the R family enjoys the rest of their day.

  2. Mrs. R says:

    Liar! At no time were you ever in danger of wearing my coffee! My spewage control skills are legendary….they have to be with you around!

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    The mind reels………..

  4. robyn says:

    Best. Food. Ever. Inexplicable, even.

  5. Sara says:

    We had the pleasure of visiting the Cheesecake Factory last summer in Columbus. It was really, really excellent food. The cheesecake was to die for. Yum!

    I hope your wife had a wonderful birthday! 🙂

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