Monday Mission 2.46

How about a little Monday Mission, Scarecrow?

1. When I was a teenager, I used to ride all the “spin-y” rides at the fair and fun parks. I’d never get dizzy or sick, and I could ride them all day. My favorite was the Tilt-A-Whirl. Now I should call it the “Tilt-A-Hurl” because it seems I can’t even get on a Merry-Go-Round without feeling queasy. Is there anything you used to be able to do physically that you no longer can? What changed?
That’s it! I can’t even watch somebody play Quake anymore without hurling chunks. Rollercoasters are right out.

2. If you could go to lunch with someone famous, anyone living or dead, who would you choose? What questions would you ask them?
Jesus. Not because I am overly religious, but I’d really like to know if he said everything people say he said and how he feels about idiots who screw with his lyrics.

3. On that same thought, there are probably several Bloggers you enjoy reading but have never met in real life. Which one Blogger would you most like to meet for dinner? Why did you pick that person? What would you talk about? What do you have in common? What would you do after dinner?
Oy vey! That is a toughie. I have conversed with a bazillion cool and interesting people in blogland. I don’t think I could limit it to just one. I want a big, bad blogger party, where I can meet Scott and Kim and Bill and Kat and Michele and Lisa and Theresa and Stacy and Statia and wKen and Bran and Robyn and Todd and Jason and Dave and Hoopty and Tess and (I’m already in trouble for leaving people off). Of course, number one on the list is you, Mr. Promo Guy! 🙂

4. Money (or the lack thereof) is the number one cause of arguments amongst couples. Do you find this to be true? If there really was a “Money Tree” you could go an pick, would this really solve a couple’s problems?
It would in my case! I don’t know about others. Everyone’s different and has their own baggage.

5. Speaking of arguments, have you ever been drawn into any nasty, hateful arguments? The kind where hurtful things were said that had nothing to do with the fight at hand? What was that all about? How did it turn out?
Oh, yeah. Let’s just move along, shall we?

6. When was the last time you had to admit you were wrong about something? How did that go?
Are you kidding? I have a 13-year-old daughter. When am I never wrong?

7. Now for a slight change of theme….what song should never have been written?
MacArthur’s Park (There! Happy now, Michele?)

BONUS: Are you ready for a new sensation?
Oh, I can feel it.

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