Monday Mission 3.23

Been way lax in doing the only recurring meme I signed up for… sorry, Promo…

Here’s Monday Mission!

1. In my work Outlook inbox, I have 343 unread email messages. Most of them are newsletters I’ve subscribed to but not had time to read. It is a bit intimidating at this point, and I am tempted to delete them all and start fresh. But I am that way in many things, relationships, art projects, and more. Have you even just totally trashed something you were working on because it wasn’t going the way you wanted? What happened? Did you start over again? Was it better?
Are you kidding? I’ve had so many false starts at writing a book or a script, it’s not even funny. Seriously. Dude. Stop laughing. It’s not funny. The only glimmer of hope I have is that I think it is actually a little better each time. Eventually, something will meet my tolerance for crap threshold, and I’ll finish it.

2. My friend was contacted out of the blue by someone from High School at his work e-mail. He wondered how someone found him and I told him to try putting his own name in to see what happens. Have you ever contacted an old friend out of the blue over the internet? How did it go? Have any old friends or lovers ever contacted you? Did it flatter you or freak you out?
Yes, I have. So far, so good. No big revelations or reunions, but we’re about a bazillion miles from where I grew up. Sadly, no one ever e-mails me out-of-the-blue. Or in the blue, for that matter.

3. I am the forgetful type. I need lists. I need notes. Oddly, I’ve found if I write something down to remember it, the mere act of writing makes me remember it and I seldom ever refer back to the paper again. What is the most important thing that you have ever forgotten? Did it have any negative results? How did it all turn out?
I can’t remember. And even if I did, I’d be too embarrassed to tell. Oh, wait. They tell me I forgot to ask my brother to be my best man at my wedding. I remember it differently, but I guess that counts.

4. In America, we are currently suffering through an overdose of “reality” programs on television. Survivor, Fear Factor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, The Bachelor and so on. Which of the “reality” television programs do you think you would have a chance at winning? Why? Would you ever actually consider signing up for one? Have you?
None of them. I cannot stand those shows. Although I don’t think I’d have a problem with Big Brother (as long as America could stand to watch me stare into space for several weeks). Though I realize that all the hardships from 1900 House / Frontier House / Manor House historical shows are things I’d never willingly sign up for, I would never be as big a whiner as those people. “But I didn’t know a scullery maid was supposed to scrub the floor!”

5. Do you allow commenting on your blog? Why? Have you ever considered removing/adding that function? What was one of the worst situations you’ve found yourself in due to blog comments?
Yes. I do it for the social interaction. According to several blogging naysayers, it’s the equivalent of a teenage girl party line. I’m fine with that. I don’t get too many trolls, so I’ve not considered removing or locking up comments. Most of the trouble I get into is from commenting on other people’s blogs…

6. Have you found any cool shareware/freeware applications/scripts/tools recently? Yeah? Tell me more!
Actually, I just found one today. FileZilla is a freeware FTP program that looks very neat. Thanks, Jason!

7. I’ve mentioned it here before, but one of my favorite terms I’ve heard a Minster use was when he refereed to a “pet sin.” Which is when you live your life right for the most part, but you have this one secret thing, this one bad thing that you do that is wrong for you to do, that you won’t give up, even though you know you should (and sometime criticize others for doing). Now I am not asking to know what it is, but do you have a “pet sin?” When did it start? Are you trying to give it up, or are you just reconciled to the fact that you will always have it? Would anyone think less of you if they knew about it?
Everyone’s got at least a pet sin, if not a whole bag full of real ones. As long as they don’t hurt anyone (or you), I’m not to hyped up about ’em. My pet sins are legion. The worst is covetousness. I covet everyone’s everything. Covet. Covet. Covet. I’m probably coveting right now. Dirty coveter.

BONUS: Am I loud enough?
Give it up.

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