Monday Mission 3.39

Egad! It’s been forever since I’ve done the Monday Mission. Better do at least one a year (even if it’s late), so I don’t lose my club membership!!

1. US presidential candidate Wes Clark said recently that the American people are “really embarrassed” by the Bush administration, though no source was quoted and no figures were provide. Do you believe this is true? As a US citizen, are you embarrassed by President Bush? (non-US citizens are welcome to chime in with their feelings about Bush as well)
I’m uncomfortable with blanket, unsubstantiated statements from politicians (especially if they start with “the American people think”). That said, I’m not so much embarrassed by Bush and Company as I am saddened and suspicious of them.

It’s very disappointing to me that we took such a huge wave of support and goodwill after September 11 and, instead of focusing it into something positive, have most of the world even more set against us than before the attacks. And why couldn’t we wait for everyone to get on board with us? All those weapons that we just knew we’d find quicker than the U.N. inspectors? So far it’s taken us six months not to find stuff that was only “45 minutes aways from deployment.” Sure Hussein was a brutal dictator. And if we’d go after all the other brutal dictators in the same manner, I wouldn’t have as big an issue with this. But if I go any further, I’ll get accused of falling back on the “it’s all about the oil” argument. Of course it couldn’t have been that…

At home, there is hardly a single Bush-appointed leader of a government agency that isn’t screwing up its mandate (like the EPA) or actively seeking ways to mess with our lives (like the Justice Dept). From Poindexter’s basement spy lab to the “coincidental” award of huge contracts in Iraq to Cheney’s old company, the whole Administration stinks.

2. Do you have good friends in countries other than your own? Which is the furthest away? How did you meet them? What makes them such a great friend?
No, I really don’t. I have met some wonderful Canadians online, but that’s about it. Unless you count New Yorkers.

3. Two cars on the road right now bug me more than any others. The PT Cruiser and the Hummer. I am just so tired of seeing a PT Cruiser everywhere I look! I thought these were supposed to be special, but they are just everywhere. Even the new VW Beetles weren’t this bad. Sure there were a lot of them, but that was nothing compared to the PT’s omnipresence. It just bugs, that’s all. And the Hummer. I didn’t mind so much when they were rare. When Ahhhnold drove his, it was special. Then you’d see one or two here and there. Maybe it is the attitude of the young men driving these monster tanks. They way they love to intimidate other drivers, the smug attitude they have looking down on you (literally). Of course, I am generalizing so if you drive either of these, you know I don’t mean you. Are there any models of automobile on the road that irritate you when you see them?
I’d have to agree with Hummers. I’m not so bothered by PT Cruisers, though.

4. When you were in school, did you ride the bus? Do you have any school bus horror stories? What really went on in the back seats anyway?
Yes, I did. All I ever did on the bus was stare out the window, so I don’t have any good stories.

5. Last week, I asked what sort of things a man should never say to a woman. Now it is time to turn the tables. There are a few things a woman can say to a man that can totally emasculate him. Such as: “Hold my purse.” What sort of things should a woman never say to a man?
What’s wrong with holding someone’s purse? As long as it goes with my outfit, I’m fine with that. Just don’t hand me your 200-ton, filled-with-schoolbooks backpack. Ah! My spine!

6. Do you have a favorite cartoon Super Hero? Who and why?
Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can!

But it’s just so far-fetched. I mean, whoever heard of a nerd who can barely talk to a girl, but who gets all wise-ass when he’s behind a mask, using a fake name…?

7. Just what does it take to make you happy?
I’m easily amused.

BONUS: How can you wait anymore when you’re wondering what you’re waitin’ for?
Baby, I don’t know.

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  1. domino says:

    Hey, I don

  2. brandelion says:

    hey, you know me–and i’m so cool i’m outta this world. 🙂

    well, no, i’m actually just in New York.

  3. Scott says:

    Hey, New Yorkers rule, Solly. Don’t you make me send my friend Vinnie and Da Boys over your way.

  4. Linkmeister says:

    You get a statehood recognition award from HVCB for knowing Hawai’i is not a foreign country. 😉

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