Monday Mission Ending

Looks like the end is near for PromoGuy’s Monday Mission. He’s going to terminate it in January after two years of meme goodness.

I have a whole category devoted to MM, as it was the only one of those types of weekly question/answer things I ever participated in. It gave me mucho Monday blog fodder before I just got too busy (or lazy) to do them anymore.

For all the fun you bring to the blogonetisphere, thank you, Promo.

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One Response to Monday Mission Ending

  1. PromoGuy says:

    And thank you Sol, for your participation. Folks like you made it a meme to re-meme-ber.

    Just look at how your site has grown since those early days when you joined the MM. You go!

    Anyway, there will be life after the MM, so once it is gone, I will still be serving up the rants.

    Thanks for the link!

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