More New Toys

This weekend I mostly felt like crap. No ambition whatsoever.

Things started to pick up on Sunday afternoon, though, and all last night and early this morning I got to play with my new microphones. Guitar Center was running a special last week that I could not resist. They had two condenser mics for $99! Normally, studio-quality condenser mics are anywhere from $500 to many thousands of dollars. So, I whipped out the plastic and snapped them up.

Inside the kit was a pair of MXL mics: a MXL 990 for vocals and a 991 (which looks similar to the MXL 603) for instruments.

I’ve always heard about the difference a quality condenser mic made, but it’s totally unbelievable. I’m going to have to scrap everything I’ve recorded thus far and start over (not really, but if I listen to each thing I’ve recorded in sequence, there’s a noticeable improvement in sound quality from one to the next).

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