Must. Not. Panic.

I’ve been telling myself over and over that if this 2-9 “slump” happened in July, I’d be concerned but not in a crapping-my-pants way. The problem is that after all the hyped up expectations for the Sox this year, it’s tough to say, “well, they’re just warming up.” That’s what Spring Training is for.

The thing is, other than Lester and Beckett, the starting pitching has sucked donkey balls, and the bullpen has been like mystery meat…you don’t know what you’re getting from night to night.

Then there’s the offense (or lack thereof). Pedroia is trying to carry the team on his dwarven shoulders, but he can’t do it alone. I’m not overly worried about most of the hitters–they’re not on fire, but they’re not totally useless like Crawford and Youkilis. And I don’t mean that they aren’t trying. My God, it feels like the pair of them is so desperate for a hit, they look like they’re going to cry after each at-bat. At least Youk has gone back to his “Greek God of Walks” days, but Crawford is looking like this year’s version of Julio Lugo. (Worst free agent signings in Red Sox history)

After last year’s sad excuse of a season, in which everyone from Ortiz down to the bat boy went on the DL, I was hoping for something more this year…especially after signing Crawford and Gonzalez. But, again, no panic. Maybe Lackey will pitch well enough tonight to avoid being swept by the Rays (the third sweep in four series)!

And maybe I’ll win the lottery.


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  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Good news! They didn’t lose tonight.

    (OK, they got rained out.)

    They’re gonna be fine. They’re gonna be fine. They’re gonna be fine….

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