Never look a gift horse in the mouth

So, yesterday, I had a business meeting scheduled in Nashville. It was to be a “fly up and fly back” kinda thing. No big deal.

Well, when this trip was being planned last week, I was up to my ears in kids (vactaion bible school…only sans sailor hat and monkey this year). So, the person that booked my flight thought he’d be nice and set me up with a flight that left Orlando a little later than the direct one to Nashville (which was very thoughtful). It just meant I’d have to spend an hour in Atlanta…

I arrived in Atlanta at 10am for my 11am connection. Unfortunately, the puddle jumper that was to go from Atlanta to Nashville was sick. So, I waited around until it was too late to make my meeting (they finally got a different plane and announced it would leave 3 hours late), and those I were to meet told me just to turn back and go home. The airline put me on the next available swamp buggy to Orlando…which was already posted as delayed 2 hours due to the crew not getting enough sleep (seriously).

Finally, we got a caffeinated crew and got ready to leave at around 5pm…except that storms had closed Orlando, so we couldn’t board… Around 6pm, we finally headed south.

The good news? I’m over half way through a book on my “I shoulda read that already” list–American Gods.

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  1. bran says:

    there’s always a silver lining.

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