Nigerian Scam Log

You may not be able to stop the tidal wave of spam and scam headed to your inbox, but you can at least have a good laugh at the moron’s expense. With that in mind, the Nigerian Scam Log is perhaps the funniest site I have ever read.

Here, the author turns the tables on the unending host of emails that typically come out of Nigeria. You know those–the ones where someone claiming to be the legal representative for the exiled widow of the assassinated president or some other official contacts you with the news that a large sum of money has been made available to you, if you agree to help by providing a “holding” bank account. Anyway, according to this guy (gal?), it’s become a hobby for people to respond to the scammer with fake names. This person has taken it to the extreme. There are several continuing stories presented, as the scammer interacts with characters like Tom Herrick, Richard Bolitho and Kendra Moore.

My two favorites are the one in which Tom Herrick serves up a wicked punch line after a long setup and the tale of the dying Kendra Moore…who finally sends her nearly deaf old friend Mike to Holland to meet the scammers…sort of.

[ via DiVERSiONZ ]

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