November Referrer Madness

I’ve been doing this monthly list of The Top 20 Sites From Which Nice People Came To Look At The Monkey In The Window™ for almost a year. But who the heck are these people? Why do they link to me? Are we all of one hive mind? Do we all worship the same geek gods? Is there some secret handshake that’s only known to the Bloguminati involved here?

Actually, International Law has banned those listed here from ever getting together in one place. That much dork matter in one spot could kill us all.

To find out who’s who, I thought I’d get you to play a little game (and rip off pixeldiva). Rather than just spewing out links, I’ll give you three facts from each site’s “About Me” section… only one of them will be a lie. It’s up to you to spot the falsehood.


Brian Kane Online
A. Hates cauliflower.
B. Used to be called “Briny”.
C. Works hard to enforce the little-known plank in the Patriot Act that requires all citizens to worship Carrot Top.
About Brian

Reflective Reality
A. Is a 007 fanatic.
B. Likes to cook.
C. Wants to work for Microsoft sales division. Badly.
About Chris

A Small Victory
A. Loves comics.
B. Owns more action figures than me.
C. Celebrates the day I made my first comment on her blog (August 14, 2002) with a lavish disco party every year.
About Michele

The Gamer’s Nook
A. Favorite band is Genesis.
B. Loves Italian food.
C. Devotes all his spare time to the re-elect Bush campaign.
About Scott

Random Ravings
A. Is his own cousin.
B. Also known as “khaki man”.
C. Thinks Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a work of the devil and would like to see it banned.
About Brian

A. Likes to garden.
B. Is married to Satan.
C. Hates kids, dogs, cats and the letter Q. In that order. I’m not fond of Q, myself. Fricking slacker.
About Bran

Ain’t Too Proud to Blog
A. Has a B.A. in History.
B. Loves Tex-Mex.
C. Hates the University of Oklahoma. Especially its football team.
About Robyn

Stupid Evil Bastard
A. Claims to be atheist.
B. Doesn’t have any piercings or tattoos.
C. Has proposed to Ann Coulter on several occassions, only to be rebuffed by her as “too right wing”.
About Les

Busy Mom Blog
A. Can juggle.
B. Plays the drums.
C. Has kicked the caffeine habit. Do NOT offer her a latte, if you know what’s good for you.
About Elizabeth

The Mighty Geek
A. Wrote the spot-on Credo of the Web Log Writer.
B. Will be marrying HoBiscuit in a few, short weeks.
C. Has the entire script of Star Wars, Episode IV, tattooed on his left buttock.
There is no “About Geekman”, so here is a link to All Things Bread.
UPDATE: Apparently there is an About Geekman. Bread just didn’t want me to find it.

Pickle Juice
A. Is most likely not of this Earth.
B. Has a fondness for caribou.
C. Likes to be referred to as “Cuddly Smurf”.
About Natalie

Highly Moody
A. Likes critters.
B. Loves the show “24”.
C. Never, ever, swears.
There’s no “About Mel” section, so here’s her photobox instead.

Bloggie Broad
A. Learned to fight from her grandfather.
B. Loves Disney World.
C. Ain’t gonna have nuthin’ to do with high-falootin’ types that insist on proper grammer none.
About Jenni

A. Plays the accordian.
B. Has never been married.
C. Thinks people who live in Hawaii are spoiled rotten.
About Linkmeister

A. Loves to fish.
B. Eloped with the Empress.
C. Hates lowbrow humor. Especially from kids.
About Buzz

Pizza Dreams
A. Loves Gromit.
B. Has never mowed the lawn.
C. Thinks tiny little gnomes are working every day to destroy her mind… one brain cell at a time… oh, wait, that’s just me.
About Statia

The Altered Blog
A. Recently bowled a 300 game.
B. Built his own deck.
C. Hates Jimmy Buffett with unbridled passion.
About AlteredBoy

A. Is not a discontinued stop on the London Underground.
B. Likes to collect library fines.
C. Thinks Jeb Bush is a decent fellow who is doing a right nice job of governing the state.
About Mark

Friday Fishwrap
A. Owns a classic convertible.
B. Is a lazy slacker with no about page.
C. Is a smoove operator.
There is no fricking “About MJ”, so here’s a link to her Desert Island Discs (the choices of which again make me think she’s got cameras in my house).

Glimpse of a Grrrl
A. Allergic to cats.
B. Saw The Who live.
C. Avoids helping people at all costs. Don’t even ask.
About Lisa

Inside Gretchen’s Head
A. A sucker for time-wasting ‘net games.
B. Bakes a mean pie.
C. Updates her blog regularly. “Real life.” Ha! Who needs it?
About Gretchen (Yes, I know she’s not there anymore. Don’t read the text, dummy. Look at the pictures! Yowsa!)

A. Is Canadian.
B. Biggest. Dork. Of Us All.
C. Hates coffee.
There is no “About Bill”. Just go there and you’ll know all you need to know. Trust me.

Yes, there are more than 20 this time. Lots of ties down near Number 18. Plus, I couldn’t stop myself!
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14 Responses to November Referrer Madness

  1. Bill says:

    Hey! I’m a geek, not a dork! Though I must admit that those first two links are to truly dorky posts. But the third one was geeky, damnit!

  2. Busy Mom says:

    I’m “movin’ on up”…

  3. Scott says:

    Hmm. I need to regain the lead overall. That Kane lad needs to be brought low!

  4. Les says:

    Dammit, I slipped down a few notches. Then again, I think my readership is down overall as I haven’t really ranted about anything significant in awhile. That’s what I get for trying to include more personal entries instead of foaming at the mouth diatribes on politics or religion. Maybe I’m just losing my touch.

    The sad part about your three “facts” on Natalie is that after reading her blog for awhile it’d be easy to believe all of them.

  5. MJ says:

    Wait just a minute here – All three of those are true about me! Smoove. Heh.

  6. mel says:

    this was #$@%in’ fun!

  7. Speaker says:

    GEEZ! I click on my blogrll link to Solly Green here like a millino times a day and i STILL don’t get on teh fscking list! what’s a geek to do!?

  8. Lisa says:

    Woo! I’m back on the list! 🙂

  9. Linkmeister says:

    Damn. I had to go re-read my bio to see which one was false.

  10. Brian Peace says:

    All right, you’re going to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks for that one.

  11. Les says:

    Speaker, if you’re desperate I suggest dropping a kickback into the snail mail system addressed to Sol and see if that doesn’t get you a mention. Where patronage fails, money usually succeeds. Ask anyone in Congress.

  12. Buzz says:

    Way cool, Sol! You are truly a piece of work. It’s just a shame that I am going to have to destroy you. Hehe.

  13. robyn says:

    Man, those Sooners really suck this year! They’ll be lucky to go to the Toilet Bowl!

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