We’re sitting here watching Spike TV (I know, I don’t believe it either). But this game show Oblivious is a hoot!

I’ve always hated the hidden camera shows like Candid Camera and stuff. Sometimes the unsuspecting people caught on camera are funny, but most of the time the shows are just mean (especially on more recent ones of that type). But how could you not like a show that treats its oblivious contestants as more than just ignorant victims to make fun of?

In one bit the host, Regan Burns, just walks up to people and asks them a question like, “How many strings are there on a standard guitar?” When they answer, he gives them $20. In another, he poses as a drive-thru attendant, then convinces the winner of the contest to come inside and ask the questions of the next car. It’s just *gasp* nice.

I’m sure it won’t last.

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3 Responses to Oblivious

  1. LaDonna says:

    I don’t get Spike Tv on my system, but I’ve seen that show before and it’s a hoot. I believe I used to watch it on either TNN or Comedy Central. It was well over a year ago when I watched it, so it’s been around quite awhile already.

  2. Lambchop says:

    It was on TNN before they changed their name and format to “Spike”. And yes – it’s a pretty humorous show, even if I don’t watch it very often. If I’m watching Spike, it’s to watch Seven Days, Highlander or Star Trek TNG. It may be billed as “television for men” but I’m too busy watching the men on television to care. 🙂

  3. picklejuice says:

    But this game show Oblivious is a hoot!

    Ah, eh, der, Ole – yer soundin’ a bit Minnesotan, eh? Is a hoot! Ja, ja, a real HOOT!

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