Oh, the jet-set life!

Today was one of those days that, if you were to follow us around, you would finally realize what swinging, uber-cool folk we be. Yeah.

5:30 AM – Got up and cursed at the alarm clock for setting itself to a weekday wake-up time on a Saturday. Stupid machine.

5:32 AM – Remembered that Pepperkat wanted an early wake-up call, so she could get ready for MegaCon.

5:33 AM – Set alarm for 7 AM, cursing Pepperkat for not setting her own fricking alarm. What am I? A fricking hotel concierge?

7:00 AM – First attempt at waking daughter. Made coffee. Fell asleep in front of PC, checking e-mail.

8:00 AM – Second attempt at waking daughter. Poured coffee. Forgot to drink it. Fell asleep in front of PC, reading blogs.

9:00 AM – Downloaded ABBA Gold and Best of Bread in order to satisfy terms of Satanic contract.

9:15 AM – Watched Spongebob Squarepants for no apparent reason.

9:30 AM – Gave Whiny all my money and drove him to MegaCon.

10:30 AM – Realized that there was no way in hell to get near the Orange County Convention Center when they are hosting MegaCon, the U.S. Open Cheerleading Championships, a meeting of the American Association of Ambulatory Surgery, and the LifeWay Christian Women’s convention at the same time.

10:35 AM – Pushed Whiny out of the car and told him to run for it.

11:00 AM – Went to Downtown Disney West Side. Looked at guitars in George’s Music. Wandered around Virgin Megastore.

11:20 AM – Got hungry and left.

12:00 PM – Had lunch in Mall at Millenia.

1:30 PM – Wandered around mall. Played with stuff at Williams-Sonoma. Got coffee and sat around making fashion judgements about passersby.

3:30 PM – Drove around aimlessly. Studied end of Handel’s Messiah for future choir performance. Drove around more aimlessly than ever.

5:30 PM – Made first call to Whiny to see about picking him up. Got static-filled reply along the lines of “bzzztt…not done….bzzzttt….halfway mark…bzzzttt…call you….”.

5:31 PM – Drove around aimlessly.

6:00 PM – Made 35 unanswered calls to Whiny’s cell phone. Grew frustrated. Tried to find a place to park at Peabody Hotel.

7:30 PM – Gave up trying to find a place to park. Made solemn vow never to visit this part of Orlando ever again. Ever.

8:00 PM – Whiny emerged from Convention Center, shocked to learn that anyone was calling him. Decided to let him ride home after all.

8:30 PM – Found a Cracker Barrel for supper. Had breakfast instead.

10:00 PM – Made it home to find hungry cats ready to kill us.

11:00 PM – Finished boring blog entry about exciting day.

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3 Responses to Oh, the jet-set life!

  1. kat says:

    Wow, what a day. 🙂

  2. Sunidesus says:

    Sounds thrilling!

  3. Andy says:

    Now come on. The world wants to know whose blog you were on when you fell asleep.

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