One More Time…

Introducing a new service here for all you people that can’t think of the right thing to say. I’ll change your words to say something intelligent! For FREE!

Original stupid comment by moron:

“Thank god that’s over. Talk about odd man out. It was embarrassing. Now you can get back to the blogging equivalent of shuffleboard with all the other senior citizen netizens.”

New, improved comment by moron (highlighting changes for extra clarity):

“Thank god you stopped saying stuff that’s over my head. Talk slower about stuff, because I am an odd man out in the bushes. It was embarrassing sitting out here naked and friendless while you were having fun. Now you can get back to the superior blogging that is the equivalent of hot sex to my shuffleboard-addled mind and thrill me with all the other great stuff a senior in high school who is a citizen of my pants and thinks netizens is a real word ought to know.”

You’re welcome. And bite me.

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8 Responses to One More Time…

  1. robyn says:

    Do you do contract work?

  2. Stupidity, the gift that keeps on giving…

  3. Editor in the house

    Solonor has come up with a unique way of dealing with a moron’s comments. Excellent.

  4. theresa says:

    Hehe that’s quite a talent you have there 🙂 Now if only you could find a way to dub over their voices AS they were speaking… that would be awesome!

  5. Hey Lisa says:

    I love it! What a talent.

  6. Gretchen says:

    Damn, I miss a day of the blog world and this happens. Sheesh. Nevertheless, you have come out victor with this editing job. 🙂

  7. DavidMSC says:

    Brilliant — wish I’d thought of it. More, please.

  8. Simply Sara says:

    *LOL* Thanks for the link to this entry!

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