Orlando Bloggers Untie!

I read a post by Cheyenne that mentioned something about Metroblogging. That’s a new organization of blogs that hopes to have a set of writers in each major city blogging about the local scene. Everything from photos to reviews to rants and whines. Right now they have Chicaco, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles set up. (Here is a list of writers.) Chey’s signed up to be a contributor for the San Francisco branch.

While they have Atlanta, Boston, DC, Vienna, Orance County, Paris, Minneapolis, Miami, Seattle, Dublin, London, Tokyo and Toronto on their to-do list, and they’re not exactly overstaffed (it’s just Jason and Sean), I thought I’d see if we could add Orlando (or Central Florida) to that list.

In order to make sure there is enough of a blogging ecosystem, they’d like to have at least 10 bloggers willing to contribute. So, I zipped off a couple of e-mails, and here’s who we have so far:

Blissfully Bitter
Dashboard Hippo
Dayzed and Confused
The Masked Blogger
Mount Sutro

I think I caught Chari in the middle of a move from TECHFLUID to SoapBoxBlog. But she’ll be more than happy to contribute. Right Chari? (Nothing like the smell of peer pressure in the morning.)

I’ve sent shouts out to The Daily Dewayne and Andy Dehnart, as well. If they would sign on, that would make nine.

Anyone else interested?

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3 Responses to Orlando Bloggers Untie!

  1. Technodaddy says:

    Hey, Solly: Let me introduce you to my long time dear friend Dawn, who hails from Mickeytown, and blogs on http://www.itsdawnedonme.com/

    She’s just getting started, but she’s really a talented writer and, living in suburbia with kids, as we do, she’s blogging familiar turf!

    Anyway, give her a read and maybe comment, I’ll urge her to participate…

    -Jim (Technodaddy) Howard

  2. Chari says:

    OK, OK!! What do I need to do? [I’m still woozy from the move]

  3. Dawn says:

    My dear buddy Jim (aka – Technodaddy) has suggested that I read up on Orlando blogging and so here I am… ready, willing and fingers certainly able to contribute. I do talk about more interesting things than suburbia and kids, but by request only! (kidding)

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