Parenting 101

FATHER: Won’t she get in trouble at school for having blue hair?
MOTHER: It’s the last friggin’ day of school. Who cares?

We be good parental units. Yo.

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7 Responses to Parenting 101

  1. skits says:

    I had blue hair for a very short while when I was 19 or so. My dad didn’t blink once. I think it’s called “choosing your battles”. ha!

  2. brandelion says:

    she looks super-cute with blue hair!
    Roo keeps begging me to dye her hair green. somehow, given her tender age of only 4.5 years, i don’t think the people at DCFS would look kindly upon this.

  3. brandelion says:

    sidenote for the Pepperkat: i dyed my hair “flamingo pink” junior year of high school. i was suspended for a day and asked to return to school with a ‘less distracting color.’ now, if i had gone the safer route, and only shown my true colors on the LAST day of school, history may have been different.

    see, Sol? your daughter is merely setting an example for others on how to successfully dye one’s hair an unnatural color and still work within ‘the system.’ fight the man, Pepperkat. fight the man.

  4. Linkmeister says:

    I got a buzz cut the last week of school, during the beginnings of the Beatles era. Every other male in the school was trying to grow his hair down over the collar as far as he could. My geometry teacher, ex-Colonel Mr. Brown, thought I was the cat’s pajamas (although I think I still got a “C” in the course).

  5. Kat says:

    I love it. I remember my HS days when they didn’t care what color your hair was as long as you showed up and did the work. Lokks great Pepperkat.

  6. Pepperkat says:

    Heheheh, Mrs. Carver was all “You rock! I love your hair!” very funny. ^.^

  7. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Just don’t go the whole Kelly Osbourne route, OK?

    It does look great, though. (He said, hoping his boys don’t hear him say such….)

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