Play Ball!

It is Opening Day 2006, all teams are 0-0, but the Red Sox this time are better than the Yankees. The wacky winter doesn’t change that. So take the day off and watch Schill pitch to the Rangers and try not to overreact if your team loses the first game. The 2006 Red Sox may not win the World Series, but they are positioned to be sitting in first place in the American League East Oct. 1 when the season comes to a close. – The Boston Globe

Not able to take the day off, but my heart will be in Texas this afternoon. I know I told someone that I was tired of the Sox/Yankees thing and that I was rooting for the Tigers, but I really didn’t mean it. Even though it’s not accompanied by warm spring breezes and melting snow (curse you, Florida!), I still can’t help but be excited by the end of winter and the beginning of baseball season.

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  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Testify, chum!

    And while I didn’t take the day off, either, I do have The Dish at work, so I got to watch parts of the game.

    One and oh, bay-bee! We’re off to a good start. Schill looked great, Big Papi was his usual awesome self, life is good.

    (And Roger was at the game, and spent a good deal of time meeting with various members of the Sox, which would only be the cherry on top of the sundae.)

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