Pucker Up, Baybee!

Sure… wipe the scoreboard clean after we move to Florida and cut my number of states in half. Hrm… actually more than that considering the couple of times we drove back and forth to Maine… And, dammit, there’s another reason it sucks that my wife can’t go to Gnomedex with me. *pout*

Anywho, go and give Kiss up – the game a look. The power-that-be Michiefgurl came up with the idea. Now get to smoochin’ people!

Pucker UP!

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3 Responses to Pucker Up, Baybee!

  1. skits says:

    Thanks for the plug! Fran and I are planning our world tour shortly, so people need to step up and pucker up. 😉

  2. gnome-girl says:

    I think chapstick needs to sponser 🙂

  3. eve says:

    hehe i’d love chapstick to sponser – but even better if burts bees did. 🙂 Maybe I can get it in the new adam sandler movie 50 first kisses.

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