Put a wiggle in it

Our company has a digital photo contest each month. There’s the typical categories–animals, nature, people, humor. Grump pushed very hard to have them add a “Special Effects” category. This is mostly so he’ll have a chance to try out this little trick with animated gifs that he found at the web site of Jim Gasperini.

What he does is take two photos slightly off-angle from each other (about the distance between your left and right eye) and combines them into an animation that rapidly switches between them. This creates a flickering 3D effect that is odd, but it works.

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4 Responses to Put a wiggle in it

  1. Buzz says:

    Wow! Those are really, ummm, cool? interesting? bizarre?

    Hard to put into words, actually.

  2. Annessa says:

    What Buzz said. It would be great to show them to a drunk person to freak them out.

    Um, not that I’m a meanie like that.

  3. kat says:

    very cool. if you had 2 cams you could do it. neat trick.

  4. Hey Lisa says:

    Odd is a good word. It’s cool, though, in that same odd way. Makes my eyes hurt to look at them too long. Sort of reminds me of those 3-D holographic stickers/cards you can get that change depending on which way you’re looking at them. Sort of.

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