Ack. My daughter told me she just had to get up at 6am to go to Limited Too on the day after Thanksgiving, so she could buy one of these darn things. So, the traditional day-after-Thanksgiving breakfast of leftover pumpkin pie came a little early this morning. The mall opened at 7am.

I was surprised by the lack of real bloodshed. I didn’t even need my flak jacket (though I wore it, just to be safe). And, by some Christmas miracle, we found the nearest possible parking spot to the main entrance. It was scary.

Two Neopets left. No long line. Was this some post-turkey hallucination?

So, now we’re back. Mother is napping, getting ready for another assault later today. Pepperkat is in her room yakking with her Neo buds about her latest prize. Whiny never even moved from his nice, warm bed. He’s the smart one.

Of course, I’m in here switching between blogs and MOHAA.

In my morning jog around the blogroll, I found a neat, new toy from the Scriptygoddess Kristine. Now, instead of seeing what time I made a post, you can tell what I should have been doing instead.

[ Toys! Toys! Toys! Found at Blogatelle ]

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  1. theresa says:

    oo that’s kind a neat MT hack.. mayhaps I will try it out sometime

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