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Munster or Addams?

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  1. Thud says:

    Addams, of course! The Munsters were fun, but the Addams family had John Astin and Jackie Coogan.

  2. Tim Wilson says:

    Addams!! Please see here for more information.

  3. shelley ju says:

    I admit it: I liked The Munsters until I was old enough to realize that the only thing funny about it was Fred Gwynne in the Frankenstein/Herman Munster outfit. After that, it was all Addamses. Much clevererererer.

    I should note that both live-action series finished their runs of original episodes before I was on solid foods, so I only saw any of them in syndication, which makes it tough for me to place how old I was when my sensibilities shifted.

  4. jr says:

    No Contest, Addams. I do vaguely remember some dreams about Morticia… never mind.

    Of course the question was confusing to me because I’d never heard of Addams cheese.

  5. Don says:

    Addams … no question.

  6. Jules says:

    Addams, of course

  7. Ric the Schmuck says:


  8. justagirl says:

    Addams of course!!

  9. Sgt. Grump says:

    Definitely, always and forever, Addams.

    Addams: Smart. Satirical. Humorous.

    Munsters: Dumb. Mundane. Typical Hollywood inanity. (Something about that “Frankenstein monster crossed with vampiress begetting wolf-boy and normal girl” concept just totally disrupts my willing suspension of disbelief.)

  10. Sgt Grump says:

    FYI: Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester) was a combat glider pilot in WW2, serving in the China-Burma-India theater. A brave man to volunteer for such a dangerous duty!

  11. Karan says:

    The answer is The Addams Family – of course…and mostly because I was a lot like Wednesday.

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