Quick Update

For those that care:

  • Went and saw Chicago last night. It was fantastic!
  • Bought the Ramones tribute We’re A Happy Family. It doesn’t suck!
  • Headed to the computer fair with Grump and Cableman, then GURPS tonight with the gang.

Running late…per usual. Will expand upon above subjects later.

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3 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Maria says:

    Cool! I used to listen to the Ramones waaaay back when! The 80’s I think… :op

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Sol and I (and the other guys in that silly old band of ours) actually went and saw the Ramones live, way back in the day. A LOT of fun. Sucks that Joey and Dee Dee aren’t around…. Glad to hear that the tribute albumm doesn’t suck.

  3. branzibar says:

    now i reaaaaally wanna go see chicago. (but dear husband, his name is satan, doesn’t wanna. alas. i’m going to have to go stag.)

    see? there’s a reason i call him satan.

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