Random Bits o’ Linkage

I’ve got a few links sitting in Draft mode. So, since I’m going to be spending half my time between now and Thursday getting ready for Gnomedex and the other half catering to the baseball-hungry minions of the SGCBL, I thought I’d just clean house and dump them all here. Enjoy!

NITLE Weblog Census – Now we just have to watch out for Blog Taxes…

Cosmic Encounter Online – A really cool online version of the classic game (FREE!)

Celestia – A 3D Space Simulator… really, really coooool.

Random Title and Name Generator – You can now call me Secondary Alderman of Indefinite Timeframes, Reverend Solonor Rasreth, thank you very much.

Have a great week!

[Grooving to: The KKK Took My Baby Away by Ramones]
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One Response to Random Bits o’ Linkage

  1. Annessa says:

    LOL, I’m Senator of Deviant Sexual Practices, Annessa R.

    They have no idea.

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