Random Sundayness

I know. I know. You come here expecting something witty and insightful, something that casts light upon the dreary darkness of our worldly existence (so you can make your stupid shadow puppets, I suppose). But I just don’t have any of that in me today. Instead, here’s a list of random crap.

Went to see Phantom of the Opera last night. The only thing I could come up with for a review was: “Didn’t suck as much as CATS!”

It’s been crappy and rainy and “cold” around here since Thursday. So, I had one of my “zone out” days, where I retreat into my own little shell and do something completely nonproductive (like sleep or watch all 152,000 episodes of M*A*S*H). Yesterday was City of Heroes day. All fricking day. I know. I suck.

Grump asks: “Do you have any music like this on your CD?” Yeah, I wish!

Can you believe we’re actually looking at pictures from Titan? Whoa.

I’m going to Massachusetts all week, so the blog will lie fallow for a bit. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to post a link for you to sponsor a friend who’s participating in the MS 150 “Wheels, Whales and Tails” 150 mile round trip bike ride from Busch Gardens in Tampa to Sea World in Orlando to benefit Multiple Sclerosis research. That way, it will stay at the top of the blog, even if I think of something brilliant to post later on tonight.

Finally, here’s something for some idiot I know and love:

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  1. picklejuice says:


    (I’ve ripped ya off but wasn’t considerate enough to hide it in an extended entry.)

    Tina you fat lard!

    Ah, how I love that. Thank you.

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