Ready? OK! Owwww….

Somehow, I missed seeing this story until Friday at lunch when Grump said, “Hey, did you see where a Cleveland player got shot?”

Thinking that this was one of those “so a Cleveland player gets shot…” jokes, I replied: “What? Huh? No way…” But it’s true. He was on the team bus in Kansas City when a stray bullet came in and hit him in the leg.

Thank God, he was saved by his go-go boots…

Apparently, the Indians rookies have to dress up as cheerleaders as part of their initiation. He was wearing big, white cheerleader boots that stopped the bullet. Looks like we don’t need body armor for the troops after all. We need pom-poms! Stat!

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2 Responses to Ready? OK! Owwww….

  1. suzie says:

    i totally laughed when i read that article actually. i’m sure he is more upset by every one knowing he was dressed as a cheerleader then by the random shooting….

    by the way, on the baseball front, i know i say it every year, but. this is our year. really. i feel it. we are going all the way. i wish we were twins first (i think the yankees have shook the twins confidence, and i hate to see it come down to yankee-sox again) but still, this is our year. we’re going to WIN!

  2. Sunidesus says:

    The picture was the best part of that article. Definately worth the click!

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