Required Reading List 2002

Michele has decided to put together a year-end review of blog entries that touched us all in some way (not THAT way, pervert…um, actually, that might make it there too). Anyhow, here’s the intro to the Blogger Required Reading List 2002:

Culled from the blogosphere and online news articles, and hopefully from a list sent in by all of you, I’ll start posting the definitive list of required reading for the past year. No matter what your ideology, politic or point of view, if you felt something – a blog post (yours or someone else’s), a meme, a news article – was especially important, profound or maybe just hysterically funny, please send it to me and I’ll start compiling a year-end round up of what made us tick in 2002. You can either email me or leave a link here in the comments. I appreciate also if you leave a short note as to why this post/article was important to you or what it meant to you.

So, if you have read something this year that you think everyone should see, throw it over the fence to A Small Victory, pretty please. Merci beaucoups.

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