Research Can Be Fun

I’ve been hip-deep in Tolkien (ewww) from messing around with this stuff. Anyway, if any of you haven’t seen The Encyclopedia of Arda when researching Tolkien place names and such, then I suggest you take a peek. I think it’s the most complete Tolkien reference on the web. On top of that, it’s frickin’ gorgeous. There’s thousands of illustrated, hyperlinked entries, including some interactive maps.

Wicked cool.

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2 Responses to Research Can Be Fun

  1. Hoooooly Smokes!

    You a Tolkien fan? If you are, have been or are thinking about being, you’ve GOTTA check out the Encyclopedia of Arda. I’ve never seen a more comprehensive Tolkien reference tool. Talk about Nerd Heaven. . . I’ve found it!…

  2. brandelion says:

    v. good link, Sol, ty.

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