Reservations in Hell

For religious people, we’re so going to Hell…

(driving to church Sunday morning)
MRS: What a beautiful day!
SOLONOR: Yes, it is.
(driving past a man watering his lawn)
MRS: *snicker* Did you see the way he was holding the hose? I’m sorry, but it was the way he was standing and the level he was holding it…
SOLONOR: *snort* Sad, but I was thinking the same thing.
WHINY: Geez. This is why we’re going to church, you know.
MRS: What? We’re not being blasphemous. God has a sense of humor.
SOLONOR: Yeah, we’ll probably get to heaven and find out His favorite kind is toilet humor. He probably loves Beavis and Butthead.
PEPPERKAT: I can just see God running around going “I am the Great Cornholio!” *lightning bolt*
SOLONOR: “Are you threatening me?” *smite*
WHINY: What’d be even better would be if you finally get to see Him and He looks like Beavis.
MRS: OK, now we’re being blasphemous.

Hell. Party of 4. Right this way.

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5 Responses to Reservations in Hell

  1. -d says:

    now that is funny stuff!

  2. Sunidesus says:

    I’m laughing so loudly right now. Just so’s ya know. The thought of The Almighty pulling his shirt over his head and saying the “Cornholio” bit. Oh my.

  3. Vicki says:

    ROFL!!! Too, too funny. My 14 year old daughter thinks your family is as weird as ours 😉

  4. Pepperkat says:

    OMG! IT DIDN’T POST! oh well…

    To Vicki’s 14 year old daughter: “I bet we can be weirder than your family! NYAH!” =

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