Safely Home

Well, I made it there and back again. No incidents. No frustrations (at the site or in travel). The airports in Orlando and Norfolk were eerily quiet Wednesday. There were only 15 people on my flight. Kinda good to escape the 9-11 media overload.

The only 9-11 stuff I saw was CNN Airport News, as they showed the reading of the names of the victims. But even that was annoying, since, as the families read the names, I heard:

ANCHOR 1: “Yes, I think they are actually reading what sound like names now…”
ANCHOR 2: “Mmm, yes, definitely…at least they sound like names to me. Remember, there were a lot of victims of this tragedy…perhaps as many as 3000.”
ANCHOR 1: “That’s right, Dianne, and…oh, wait, they’re switching readers…that’s interesting…”

I am afraid, however, that when I yelled, “SHUT UP!” the other passengers at the gate thought I was talking about the reading of the names, instead of the idiot anchors….sigh…

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