See? Nothing to fear!

Related to the previous post:

MANAGER: I keep getting these zip file attachments.
CABLEMAN: Don’t open them!
MANAGER: But they don’t do anything. See? *clicks attachment*
CABLEMAN: Aaaaaah!!
MANAGER: *continues clicking* I’ve been doing this for days. Nothing happens.
CABLEMAN: *walks over and unplugs PC from network*

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3 Responses to See? Nothing to fear!

  1. Scott says:

    I feel the pain. We have a laptop here running anti-virus cleaning at the moment that has 22,500 files infected, and counting.


  2. Brian says:

    Now, I work with software developers, who are supposed to be smart enough to know better, but AT LEAST six people in my office opened the attachment yesterday.

    I *heart* my job……sigh…..

  3. gesikah says:

    And you didn’t bitch-slap him? You are indeed a man of much restraint.

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